With his roots in the graffiti and design disciplines, DENZ 1 is an accomplished hip-hop producer. DENZ 1 also handles Stay Savage behind the scenes as a Director for the company.
His first release “Hydrate” [2016] gained serious attention on YouTube and Soundcloud. The record features fellow Stay Savage member KVKA and critically acclaimed NZ hip act Name UL. DENZ 1 tours NZ as KVKA's DJ and produced a joint project titled “OUTLIERZ” which released in 2016.
Beats by DENZ 1 are available to purchase from TRAKTRAIN
After opening for international acts such as ONRA (France) + Kieth Ape (Korea) & the GZA (USA) with KVKA, DENZ 1 has accumulated a voice and reputation in his city. Plans for 2018 include a plenty of new music, designs and projects ready to make your body feel the real.